What is Mitt Romney’s vision for America?

Even lower taxes for the wealthy, with a 20 percent rate cut and an end to estate and capital gains taxes. Higher taxes for the poor and middle-class, since ending their deductions and credits plus “broadening the tax base” will far exceed their 20 percent rate cut.

Plans to “reform” Medicare, Medicaid and, eventually, Social Security will seriously harm poor and middle-class Americans.

Despite Romney’s claims, seniors currently on Medicare will see their regular and supplementary premiums rise drastically when vouchers reduce the number of 65-year-olds entering the traditional program. Romney wants all seniors left to the tender mercy of private insurance companies.

What about Romney’s effect on the Supreme Court, his disdain for women’s rights and his comic-book approach to foreign policy?

Romney’s CEO mentality at Bain allowed him to sacrifice workers’ pay, benefits and even their jobs to increase Bain’s profits.

Now, he wants poor and middle-class Americans to sacrifice Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, unemployment benefits, education.

What, exactly, does he ask the wealthy to sacrifice? Nothing!

Many of Mitt’s disdained “47 percent” are Republicans, but he thinks they’re dumb enough to vote for him anyway.

People need food, housing, clothing, decent health care and education. Some people want $100 million trust funds, car elevators and dancing horses.

Romney can’t distinguish between needs and wants. I’d say that’s a major character flaw, but not the only one.

Why only two years of tax returns from Romney?

Is it a coincidence that in 2009, Swiss banks turned over a list of wealthy American clients to the IRS? Many of those with Swiss accounts scrambled to file under the one-time amnesty program for tax cheats.

President Romney? No thanks.

John R. Merrill


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