There is a missing element this time around in this debate about redefining marriage, and that is the right of a child to be raised in a family with his/her mother and father, if at all possible.

It would follow that the homosexual marriage supporters would be uncomfortable with this, as all scientific studies continue to show that a child is best raised by both of the natural parents in a family.

This is not supportive of the “marriage equality” slogan.

Equality doesn’t exist in every aspect of our lives, thankfully. Behavior, urges, ideas, ideologies, relationships and many more parts of our life are not equal. And, rather than have a referendum to say otherwise, maybe we should be thankful for the tradition of having mom and dad raising kids.

As a lifelong educator and social worker, I have taught, and will continue to teach, young (and old) people to seek truth rather than invent it.

Donald Mendell


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