Everybody has their opinion of the governor. Nobody denies, however, that he has a compelling personal story that merits respect.

It is absolutely reprehensible, therefore, that Democratic state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz would remark that he must have been a child sex worker or a drug dealer, and that she felt like she needed to take a shower after meeting him.

Making comments like these while commiserating about how her productivity at her taxpayer-funded job has gone down since taking her gaming habits to work reflects especially poorly on her character and judgment.

I encourage everyone to go to www.colleensworld.com to see the context of her crude and hateful comments, such as the one where she mused about drowning a conservative in her bathtub.

Lachowicz, in a recent Maine Compass, shifted her focus away from her disturbing online behavior and wrote about what she would do as a senator. I’m glad she brought that up.

Lachowicz has touted her endorsement by the Maine People’s Alliance, a leftist activist group of which she is a member. The organization is calling for a $1.5 billion tax increase — a 50 percent increase — shouldered by families making as little ast $55,472. These families already pay more than 86 percent of Maine’s income taxes, which were the seventh-highest in the nation in 2011. Maine doesn’t need to tax hard-working families more in order to pay for a growing welfare state.


It is hard to say which is more disturbing — Lachowicz’ comments or economics. Either way, she should stop spinning it like she has been victimized merely for a hobby and do what most people in her situation do, apologize for her outrageous and offensive comments.

David Sorensen


Communications director

Maine Republican Party

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