There’s a person or persons out there who probably feel they are good Christians, but are instead thieves.

I was visiting Augusta to spend my money in the local community, and they chose to steal from me.

They may not feel they are thieves, but they are.

My bumper sticker supported an organization they may feel offends their precious religion, but when they tore it off my car, they ignored the morals they claim we lack.

These thieves may feel full of rightful indignation, but they violated my space and my belongings, and they are wrong.

Morals in this country are indeed disappearing, but it is because some people on the right ignore their obligation to be decent people and instead feel they somehow are entitled to step all over the rest of us.

The country is declining, but it is because self-centered jerks think everyone should be just like them.

I do find it funny you ignored the “Defeat Mitt” sticker right below it. I’m sure that Planned Parenthood will thank the thieves, though, since I will be giving it more money to replace the bumper sticker that was stolen.

Stacey Hall


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