Gov. Paul LePage and the Republican-controlled state Legislature have created some very troubling economic realities over the past two years.

Tax cuts favoring the wealthy have been put in place, cuts that project to deficits in the next two-year budget.

Health insurance has been deregulated, resulting in higher rates, especially for our seniors. MaineCare cuts will ultimately result in shifting the burden for unreimbursed care onto municipalities and insured residents.

The governor refuses to comply with statutory revenue sharing for cities and towns.

LePage also refuses to comply with mandated levels of education funding. Republicans have given municipalities an ultimatum: Raise property taxes or cut essential services.

We have an opportunity to get our priorities back in place.

Democrats, including Tom Longstaff (House District 77) and Henry Beck (House District 76) provide strong voices for central Maine working families.

Please join me in support of Democrats this November.

John O’Donnell


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