Early in this election cycle, I had the privilege to meet Pamela Boivin, Democratic candidate for House District 83.

It has been an uplifting experience to see such a well-rounded, intelligent and caring person who is willing to be involved in the contentious business of politics.

Boivin has an extensive education and the ability to understand complex issues. I’ve also had the opportunity to see her apply common sense, along with the input of her constituents, to reach well thought-out positions.

As a legal specialist for the Family Violence Project, a former police officer and a college professor, Boivin has spent her life educating and serving the public. She is exactly what Maine needs in Augusta. As an advocate for the people, she believes in education and rebuilding the shrinking middle class. She has earned my vote on Nov. 6 and hopefully others’ as well.

Jay Wadleigh


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