Central Maine has two good candidates running for public office.

Pamela Boivin is Democratic candidate for the District 83 House seat. (Belgrade, Fayette, Manchester, Mount Vernon and Vienna).

Boivin grew up in foster homes, attended school and served in the Army.

After leaving the military, she put herself through college and law school. She lives in Manchester with her son and works in the courts on domestic violence issues.

Maeghan Maloney is the Democratic candidate for Kennebec and Somerset counties district attorney.

Maloney fought her way out of a housing project in Lewiston. She attended Swarthmore College and Harvard Law School.

Maloney worked as a deputy district attorney in Portland, Ore., and headed an entire unit, was a Maine assistant attorney general and served in the Legislature on the judiciary committee.

I urge others to join me and vote for Boivin and Maloney on Nov. 6.

Pat Jones

Mount Vernon

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