What is marriage and who defines it?

I thought marriage was a church thing, a religious institution. Hence, I got married in a church. Marriage was based on something spiritual, personal and taught in the Bible. I don’t remember how or what the government had to do with it then, but I vaguely remember going to city hall for something.

Government should not have the right to step in and define for the church what marriage is or isn’t.

Government has no right to be in the marriage business. Where’s the line drawn between church and state? Where’s our religious freedom? Will government dictate what is taught in the church, like our public schools? Isn’t it prohibited from the establishment of religion? By legislating the definition of marriage (in the church), isn’t it?

As far as government is concerned, I’d like to see it step out of the issue completely. They allow people to live together who are or aren’t married or related. Even the standard practice of a woman taking her husband’s name is optional.

If a given church, grange, yogi or shaman promotes same-sex unions, or even polygamy, it seems government shouldn’t take sides on the issue at all.

Certainly now, it is clear I am against this gay marriage idea. But I see a solution, which might be best accomplished by this referendum passing, rather than failing, again.

If it passes, all of us can get divorced in protest. After all, this government marriage definition is all about law, regulation and control. Let’s be brave, change the whole marriage thing back to love and faith. Faith and love doesn’t know any government regulation or require any license.

Dean DeWitt

China Village

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