Marriage is about more than love. All sorts of loving relations never translate to marriage.

Marriage, ordained by God, is a unique relationship between one man and one woman, designed to procreate, model strong families and strong societies for thousands of years, worldwide.

I am all for equal rights, but reality doesn’t always make it possible. Changing the definition of marriage would not be equitable for those of us who will lose this sacred identity. Voting no does not make gays and lesbians lesser people.

Gays and gay activists are not one in the same. Many activists would have people think otherwise. But we who know and love gay members in our community do not exclude or judge them. They realize that their friends and neighbors are not bigots, or hateful foes.

Of major concern is the next generation. Children are our greatest resource, and their welfare should be top priority over the needs and desires of any adult. I suggest Googling the article, “Growing up with Two Moms” by Robert Oscar Lopez, an enlightening read.

According to a recent Harris poll, GoProud, a national gay/straight alliance group, more than 30 percent of LGBT respondents consider jobs/economy as the top concern in 2012. Only 6 percent of LGBT respondents chose gay marriage.

Same-sex marriage activists, however, have zeroed in on Maine after claiming, only a few short years ago, that they wanted only legal rights (which this state already offers), not marriage.

Yet here they are again, dividing our state. What next? There’s little for the gay community to gain by voting yes other than to steal away the uniqueness of one man, one woman.

It’s time to show respect and understanding for believers in traditional marriage.

Please vote no on Question 1.

Patricia Maynard


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