The Unitarian Universalist Association affirms the worth and dignity of every person, and promotes justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

The UUA holds that love between two men, two women or one man and one woman creates deep and caring relationships and families and provides nurturing environments for couples and their children.

We support civil equality and human rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

“Our UU faith has long since taken the lead … with respect to gay rights … It is right that we should … take the lead with regard to extending the full rights and privileges of marriage to all our citizens,” according to the Rev. Forrest Church.

Marriage is a sacred trust between two individuals. Any couple able to forge that bond deserves the legal benefits of marriage as well as the ability to express that sacred trust freely and equally in our society.

Unitarian Universalism is proud to perform commitment ceremonies and marriages for couples regardless of gender, and has supported this practice since 1984. We understand that full equality can be achieved, however, only when it is recognized legally in society.

Therefore we, the undersigned, urge a vote of love: Yes on Question 1.

John Albertini


and 17 others

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