I had intended to vote for Colleen Lachowicz, Democratic candidate for Senate District 25, and then I received a mailing detailing her World of Warcraft activity and quoting various other Internet postings.

I was so disgusted that I changed my views.

I decided not only to vote for her, but also to do something more for her candidacy. The smear campaign against her is ridiculous and mean-spirited, one of the most flagrantly nasty, generally revolting political tactics that I have ever had the misfortune to see.

It’s about time we had a social worker in a position of power. Lately, we have had far too much of the opposite, and too many helpless, innocent people have suffered.

Bravo to Lachowicz for making Republican Sen. Tom Martin’s people uncomfortable enough to resort to such absurdity.

Incumbents need to be much more uncomfortable than they are, much more often.

Frank Brown


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