The debate about Colleen Lachowicz’s participation in the online game World of Warcraft may be fun for campaigners but it doesn’t tell voters what we need to make a decision on who to vote for.

Whether someone plays online games doesn’t tell us whether they will represent us.

Republican Sen. Thomas Martin, representing District 25, was squarely in Gov. Paul LePage’s corner over the past two years.

He supported LePage’s plan to allow insurance companies to increase rates for older Mainers by 500 percent. And Martin voted for a bill raising taxes on our health insurance and making it easier for insurance companies to raise their rates was forced through the Legislature without public input or discussions.

That showed me that Martin does not have my best interests at heart. And that matters a lot to me more than whether Lachowicz, a Democrat, plays World of Warcraft.

Kelly Bonnell


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