Pamela Boivin, Democratic candidate for House District 83, is a young woman with irrepressible energy and an equally irrepressible desire to make state government responsive to the needs of the people of Maine.

She raised herself from difficult circumstances to become an officer in the National Guard, a law enforcement officer, a guardian ad litem in child protective cases, an assistant district attorney, and now a legal advocate for victims of domestic violence, a wonderful range of experience to bring to the job of representing us in the state Legislature.

She is a people person, equally good at explaining her ideas and listening to other people’s. Unlike Rep. Dennis Keschl, our current representative in House District 83, she will pay attention to our needs as wage earners and parents and not Gov. Paul LePage’s agenda. I urge the residents of Belgrade, Fayette, Manchester, Mount Vernon and Vienna to vote for her.

Lee Sharkey


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