I’m heart-broken that I apparently made an innocent mistake in my dad’s (David Rollins) campaign for re-election to the Augusta City Council.

Using gofundme.com, I conducted a raffle from Boston, where 65 friends, including Paul Vachon, Brenda Moody and Jonathan Katz, donated toward my father’s campaign.

Despite my extensive research, I was recently informed this fundraiser would violate a little-known regulation whereby we must be an established non-profit for two years. To conform to this, I was instructed to award no prize and offer to return all donations.

I immediately complied and am grateful all 65 contributors urged the campaign to keep their money as a direct donation.

I apologize to all for the misunderstanding. I only had the best of intentions in supporting my father. I am proud of all that he has done for Augusta and I’m proud to be his daughter.

Katie Rollins