Sen. Olympia Snowe may vote the right way when it doesn’t count, but she always votes the wrong way when it does count.

If Republican Charlie Summers voted the wrong way all the time, the results would be the same.

Independent Angus King says he’ll fix Congress but won’t say how. He can’t say what party he’ll caucus with until he sees which party holds the majority.

Used to being top dog as TV star, CEO and governor, he’ll find himself the runt of the litter, with no party, no seniority and 99 senators not listening when he says they are the problem.

Cynthia Dill represents Democratic values of peace, prosperity and economic justice.

The path to single-payer health care and a clean environment is to vote for candidates who support those things so Washington gets the message.

Dill is carrying that message, and she will get my vote.

David Bright


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