So what does a vote for Mitt Romney mean?

Is he in favor of equal pay for women? Well, yes — and no. Does he want a war with Iran? Yes — unless he’s on television in front of 50 million voters.

What about our veterans? Will he help them find jobs they need and have earned with their sacrifice? Well, according to him, they aren’t even in his sight. And we already know that Senate Republicans don’t care about them.

What about a woman’s right to choose? He’s pro-choice — except when he isn’t. Will he fight to overturn Roe v. Wade? Do you know what Roe v. Wade was really about? No, not abortion.

Will he get rid of RomneyCare as well as ObamaCare? They are the same thing. Why get rid of one and keep the other?

Will he protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare? Of course — not. Or maybe yes. Who knows? He won’t say.

Do you believe he’d really take an aggressive stand against China and put his own millions in jeopardy? Want to buy a bridge?

Does he believe that government doesn’t create jobs? Yes — except for the 12 million jobs he promises to create as president. Uh huh.

Can voters honestly say they know what he stands for or against? Or maybe that’s what he stands against or for. Really, a vote for Romney is a vote for a man who wants to be president just to be able to say that he is president, not to do good for all Americans. And that just isn’t good enough.

Jeanne McLaughlin


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