On the same-sex marriage bill, Mainers deserve answers to two basic questions:

* With the overwhelming evidence that legalizing same-sex marriage will dramatically undermine religious freedom in Maine, why did same-sex marriage advocates intentionally omit the protections to reduce some of the threats, such as protection of religious objectors to same-sex marriage, including religiously affiliated nonprofit organizations from being penalized by loss of government contracts or in other ways because of their religious objection? And what about housing programs of religious organizations? These are bright, well-informed people, and they certainly knew that by choosing not to include protections, they were guaranteeing a deeply divisive conflict over religious freedom issues in Maine.

* Since they had to know that this decision would actually result in greater threats to religious freedom in Maine if this law is enacted, why would they try to mislead Mainers that their bill actually protects religious freedom?

Cyndi Redmond


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