Dr. Ann Dorney, Democrat, is running for House District 86 from Norridgewock. I have known her 20-plus years as a friend, as a small business owner, as a physician leader, as a caring person housing exchange students, as an active community member distributing books to students and as someone who strongly feels and cares for Maine’s environment.

She came with us to India, attended a wedding and went around Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for a visit. I saw her take keen interest in the local people, local customs and local systems. I have seen the same passion in her in Skowhegan and Norridgewock, where she lives.

She has what it takes to be a leader and would serve very well in the House given a chance. I would be happy to see her win this election because in her win is the winning of the constituents she represents.

Krishna Bhatta


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