I recently saw former first-grade students of mine that have changed immensely. Taller, wiser, they’re still great kids.

First-grade is a time of learning new words and adding bigger numbers but it’s also a time to learn the Golden Rule of treating others like you want to be treated.

As the representative for District 54, I am appalled that negative mailings have entered here. I will not let my former students and my own children believe that I do not live by the rule of life that I taught them. My community is a caring community and that’s why I fell in love with, chose to live my life, raise my four children and run for office here.

If anyone would like to be helpful, do as I would do to others. Give my district the facts. Let them choose who is best to represent them.

Rep. Susan Morissette


Editor’s note: The author is the Republican representative for House District 54

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