The Maine Transit Association urges voters to support Question 4.

In addition to money to fix our roads and bridges, the transportation bond includes $2 million to help replace Maine’s aging fleet of transit vans and buses. That $2 million investment also will bring an additional $9 million federal match — giving us a total of $11 million to invest.

Currently, almost a third of the publicly operated buses are in either critical or scrap condition and need replacing. Many people around the state rely on these buses for their transportation daily. Without them getting to work, to the store, to school, to church, or to visit with friends and family is not possible.

Please vote yes on Question 4 on Nov. 6.

The Maine Transit Association is the voice of Maine’s public transportation community, a professional association providing leadership, resources, support and technical assistance to transit agencies throughout Maine. The members of the MTA are Maine’s 10 regional transportation providers, four regional planning agencies, five city bus operators, one ferry operator (Casco Bay Lines), the “Explorer” systems serving six tourist regions around the state, and commuter bus services. In the past year, MTA members provided 7.3 million trips totaling over 60 million miles of service. For more information, please visit

Jim Wood

Maine Transit Association


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