Common sense is lacking in government. There are no “government jobs and assistance” or “good intentions” without firstly, someone who gets up in the morning and goes to work within the private sector.

There is no job for the willing worker until someone gambles their fortune on an idea they believe will ultimately provide a profit or reward for their risk. Some serving now in government accuse these individuals, the workers and the job creators, of being greedy and evil because they “have too much” and don’t share their money with the less fortunate.

In the upcoming election, use common sense to evaluate what is being said about our current state of affairs.

Is the current economic downturn the fault of the rulers or the workers and the job providers? Consider the rulers who spend your money without any regard to the sacrifices you have made to earn it. They sound as though it is not your money at all but theirs, and that you should be grateful they’ve let you keep any.

The rulers say, “We need more money and cannot do with less.” They say that you, the greedy workers and job providers, should pay more because you have more.

The workers and job providers tell the rulers they are not managing the money we provide very well. We work long hours to support our families, pay our bills and plan for our families’ futures. The rulers should do what we, the workers and job providers do, live within our means and manage our money more effectively.

Please use common sense in casting your vote. Select the candidate who is a proven worker and/or job provider and oust the rulers whose sole activity is ruling and managing your money for the purpose of getting themselves re-elected.

Gary A. Craig Sr.


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