I have been reading all the letters asking me to vote no on Question 1, many based on religious grounds.

I am not a biblical scholar, and I suspect many writing the letters are not either. So I tend to look at issues from the perspective of being a human being.

I have been blessed by being married to the same wonderful woman for 16 years, and have two great children. We try to teach them that the world is full of different ideas, races of people, religious beliefs and much much more, but it is those differences that makes the world such a great place.

We also try to teach them to be accepting of those differences, learn from them and thus enrich their own lives.

It is for those reasons, I will be supporting the right for all to marry, and enjoy life with the person in a loving relationship.

Of course should same-sex marriage not be approved, then I suggest a new idea: Banning All Maine Marriage (or BAMM).

After all, neither God nor Jesus was married to my knowledge, and they seem to have turned out OK.

Tom Connors


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