Freedom to choose or accept what our sexual orientation or preference is should not extend to marriage rights.

Marriage has always been about procreation and wealth protections between one man and one woman. By approving same-sex marriage and changing the laws that govern, we open ourselves to perils we may not like at all.

Abnormal sexual relations are not openly spoken about in schools yet, but if we approve this same-sex marriage law, it will be everywhere — classrooms, workplaces — and will force us to accept exposure to alternative lifestyles.

I find this “new normal” unacceptable and hope the people of Maine do as well. Civil rights can be extended by changing laws so all people can have marriage rights, and should be as the right thing to do.

If we pass this same-sex marriage bill, we send a message that abnormal sex is openly OK. Do we want our children to hear this message?

Dennis St. Jean


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