Your vote counts may be true sometimes, but not always to wit: A presidential candidate can win the popular vote and still lose the election. Why? Simply because of the Electoral College. To make matters worse, in two states electoral people do not have to vote their state’s popular winner.

Saw on TV a narrator saying this election may come down to an electoral tie. This coincides with my scenario where there is a tie but Maine’s he/she person hasn’t voted at the college yet. Suppose Barack Obama has won the popular vote here in Maine but our electors decide to change their votes (which they can) and then we change the course of history.

I think this is insane and explains why each side spends so much time and money on those states with the most electoral votes.

With the above in mind, I will vote and urge everybody to do so, but think it’s high time to get rid of the Electoral College and get back to common sense. That means letting the candidate who gets the most popular votes wins.

Frank Slason


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