Before voting on Question 1, please think of this. I believe that God loves us all for who we are and doesn’t hate us for who we love.

I did not chose a life of hate and discrimination. We are all people and we punch a time clock, we buy from local stores and eat at local restaurants, we pay taxes and support our local economy. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and we are people.

Have you had to visit your spouse in the hospital and make some tough decisions on their care? I can’t do that with my partner.

If you passed away, the money would go to your spouse; mine wouldn’t. Covered under your spouse’s health insurance? I can’t be. Want to get married and have a wedding license? The state won’t issue one to us.

We don’t want to “redefine” marriage, just define equality.

Christopher Weeks


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