After 9/11, it was announced we were engaged in a “war on terror” and we were assured that it would pretty much be a never-ending war.

Pulling out of any global conflict or claiming victory will not end this war. As long as there are people who can think or control events in this manner, the war continues.

We are fighting a movement, not a government, nation with boundaries or one political or religious leader who can be identified. Some of them do have names and some element of organization. Some countries do provide a shelter or cover for them, but a terror cell can appear anywhere.

If these terrorists are on our home ground or anywhere in the world with or without that country’s permission, they should expect to be attacked when discovered. All countries should be forewarned that this will happen and if they know about any terror cells they should report it and lend aid or be prepared for action at that site.

As for protection, Benghazi, Libya, had been targeted previously and by should have had more security, especially on a date that we know is a hot time zone for terror.

We need to acknowledge that a pullout from a conflict in a country does not mean victory over terror. At no time should we ever depend on foreign troops for security of our own personnel.

An embassy is United States territory no matter where it is located; we must have access to and means of protection or not have it there. Anyone who pulled protection or refused protection for them has their head in the sand. This is inexcusable as the first duty of government is to protect.

This should also apply to drug lords and their processing and distribution system.

Michael Dawes


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