Regarding the young person from Benton School who wrote about bullying (Dakota Crawford): This letter should be published on the front page from coast to coast. This young person is very, very wise. Every person is different in his or her own way.

A person should not judge another no matter the age. I know about being bullied firsthand. I was the new kid in school many times growing up. In the 60s and early 70s picking on anything that was different was the norm. You either had to fight or try to ignore the abuse. I did more ignoring it. Sometimes it was hard. Often times I lashed out at those who did not deserve it. I guess my way of venting my frustration. I do regret that. But I used my head, I made things good for myself. I ignored the people who did not matter. I made the people who cared for me more important. I learned to appreciate my friends and respect myself.

Time will take care of the people who have hate in their hearts. You need to never give up and ever give in to an abusive person. Again this student is destined for greatness.

Pulitzer possible?

Edwin Morris