It was disheartening to read in the paper this morning (Nov. 29) that Rep. Susan Collins has jumped on the Republican bandwagon with her criticism of Susan Rice for her comments immediately following the Benghazi attacks.

Rice, the spokeswoman not the initiator of the message, did say at the time that her assessment was preliminary and the record was soon corrected with additional information.

So what’s the problem? This was asked of a legislator recently and the response was that four people had died.

The legislator was unable to respond when then asked how many contractors had died in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

I should also mention the earlier lack of criticism of Condoleezza Rice for her false comments leading up to the Iraq war, before her confirmation as secretary of state.

Never before has a president’s selection for secretary of state been questioned for such frivolous reasons, and certainly none have ever been threatened with a filibuster. Why now?

One idea has to do with the recent election in Massachusetts in which Republican Sen. Scott Brown was narrowly defeated by Elizabeth Warren (whose prior nomination to be head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was filibustered).

If Rice’s nomination is also blocked, then Democratic Sen. John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee would be a logical next choice.

That would free up Kerry’s Senate seat in a special election for Republican Scott Brown.

Bill Williamson


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