Well, the frustration of hate ads from PAC’s are over for two or three more years.

I think Maine would be well-served if we had only one primary where all candidates competed and the top two candidates were on the ballot. This would be simpler and give every registered voter, regardless of party, an opportunity to vote. Several other states are doing this, and it seems to be working.

Our candidates would be more interested in demonstrating their interest in serving everyone in Maine rather than the usual party platform without much common sense or compromise.

I also think we should pass a law that requires money for political ads in Maine to originate from only the people of Maine. I do not think this violates freedom of speech.

We Mainers are quite able to decide for ourselves who we want to represent us either here in Maine or in Congress.

Also, shouldn’t all ads be truthful? A half-truth or out-of-context information is neither informative nor fair. We no longer have a democracy when special interest groups, millionaires and corporations run our country. We have what is called an oligarchy.

Both parties are funded by big money, and we had better fix this soon — if it is not too late already.

Peter Swartz


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