BANGOR — A student at the New England School of Communication in Bangor appears to be riding the wave of popularity of a viral music video by a South Korean artist.

Ryan Lovett, 18, of Oakland, produced a spoof of PSY’s video, “Gangnam Style,” and posted it on YouTube. As of 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Lovett’s version, called “Mainah Style,” had been viewed more than 23,000 times.

The spoof shows college-aged students dancing on a farm with horses, chickens and lobsters. One girl is dressed in camouflage and wields a hunting rifle.

The video was posted on Dec. 5. Lovett wrote in the introduction the spoof was recorded on one day.

Lovett said in an email Wednesday the video exploded on Dec. 11, after being posted on the Maine Meme’s, 92 Moose’s and Comedian Bob Marley’s Facebook pages.

“In a matter of hours the video went from hundreds of views to thousands,” Lovett said in an email. “It has been overwhelmingly great, but it was so unexpected.”

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” had been viewed more than 935 million times as of Wednesday morning.

The song and dance has caught on — and inspired spoofs — across the country.

In Maine, the Gangnam Style dance has shown up after a ballot was cast on Election Day in Somesville, as well as in dance classes, in supermarkets, on soccer fields, in school yards, in the act of a local stage hypnotist – and in the homes of both young and old.

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