Unless we’ve just arrived from another planet, most likely we’ve heard and seen much in the news about our ill-fated Congress getting ready to drive off the fiscal cliff.

Fine. How about everyone in Congress getting into the same car, and pulling a Thelma and Louise? They should be sure to pick a high enough cliff so there won’t be any pieces left. Put the pedal to the metal and keep on driving.

And while they’re speeding to the edge, they should put in their pockets some of those new dollar coins they have been talking about to help weigh them down. Let’s just hope “In God We Trust” is on them, because he is the only one that we do trust.

Then after the dust settles, we can get some people who really want to make a difference in Washington. We elect them for eight years, and pay them a flat salary when they show up for work, do the work and get it done. Then they can go home.

They get paid only for what they accomplish. No cushy pension, giving themselves midnight raises buried in unread transcripts, health care, book deals or jet planes and other ways to spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

This Congress and the Obama administration are a sick joke, and we the taxpayers are going to be paying more. But I bet in their back-room deals there’s a midnight raise they have buried in this cliff-hanger somewhere.

It’s time for American voters to take a stand and hold the line. We must stop the spending, because this Congress and Obama administration are going to push us over the cliff before they even get close to it themselves. What a disgrace.

Dan Cassidy


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