VAL GARDENA, Italy — Bode Miller likely won’t start his season until February as part of his cautious return from left knee surgery. There’s also a chance he might sit out the entire season.

Meanwhile, Miller is taking care of his new wife, whom he hit in the eye with a golf ball Wednesday.

Miller’s knee first bothered him last winter when he was competing on an icy hill in Sochi, Russia, during a test race for the 2014 Olympics. He needed microfracture surgery, during which doctors also mended cartilage that’s hampered him since a crash in 2001.

U.S. Ski Team head coach Sasha Rearick told The Associated Press that Miller is scheduled to fly to Europe in early January to begin training.

“Let’s train first. Step by step. The first step is to get on the skis, then the race skis, then train,” Rearick said. “I would love to have him race as soon as possible, but let’s look long-term. Let’s look ahead to Sochi, let’s look ahead to the (next) World Cup season.

Miller was planning to train more in Colorado this month then changed his plans.

“We decided to take a longer break and let the knee heal a little bit more,” Rearick said. “All the effects we’ve seen from the follow-ups with the doctors are all very, very positive. So let’s be real smart about it, let’s do it right, and right now we’re delaying his return because the healing process is going the right way.”

Rearick said Miller is hoping to take part in a training camp in Sochi at the end of February, part of a special agreement between the U.S. team and the Russian ski federation.

Even though the training camp comes during the World Cup season, Rearick is hoping to bring all of his top skiers. The U.S. women also can train there

“We’re going to make some sacrifices with some people to skip some World Cup races to get that training opportunity,” Rearick said. “(Ted) Ligety is planning to go.”

Meanwhile, Miller reported on Twitter on Wednesday about the accident involving his wife.

“Hit wife w golfball. (hash)worstfeelingever,” Miller wrote.

Attached photos of his wife, the pro volleyball player Morgan Miller, showed her left eye completely closed and badly bloodied.

“I’m not feeling so hot. Line drive to the face today with a golf ball from my darling husband. I still love,” Morgan Miller Tweeted Wednesday.

On Thursday, Morgan Miller Tweeted that she got 50-plus stitches and still can’t see out of her eye.

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