A couple of Augusta school board choices are confusing to me.

A board member recently justified the disparity in stipends for the Cony basketball coaches, noting the position for the girls’ team got paid less because that coach has less experience than the boys coach.

Although inexperienced, the girls coach clearly is talented and has been successful.

Based on prior experience, the Legislature just avoided a fight by not trying to increase the salaries for various constitutional positions. The new officials accepted their jobs at reduced compensation given the tough budget issues the state continues to face.

The school board in Augusta, without providing any opportunity for the public to comment, recently approved a modest increase in salary for an interim superintendent above the compensation for the exiting superintendent. That superintendent has a doctorate and 14 years of experience.

The interim superintendent an inside hire getting a promotion with assurance of his old job back if the interim job doesn’t work out. He is a good man, but one without full credentials or experience in the superintendent’s position.

I guess experience matters selectively in the board’s mind. Maybe the interim super will share his company car with her once in awhile?

My apologies to those on the board who don’t like negative comments about their district and how it performs much lower than the work of the girl’s basketball coach.

Lester Wilkinson


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