I read in a recent article about all the concern about carbon emissions and global warming.

Even elementary school students know that carbon dioxide, the carbon compound they refer to, is a necessary component of photosynthesis. Plants use CO2 in the presence of sunlight to synthesize sugars they must have to survive. The by-product is oxygen, which we need to survive.

Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and therefore hangs around so the grass can be greener.

Global warming exists, and has since the recession of the last ice age. It’s just not done yet.

We wring our hands, and cry for laws and limits and regulations, but in this world, only human beings are so vain as to think we can control global climate and change the course of evolution and extinction. Heck, we can’t even manage to remember our own language for 50 years.

We need to stop trying to control the future, concentrate on the present and the things on a small scale we are ruining.

Paul Richardson

Lexington Twp.

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