Some thoughts on two recent newspaper articles and suggestions regarding our collective responsibilities.

We send young people off to fight, but we ignore their PTSD and brain injuries when they return. While I don’t condone the killing in Waterville, there’s a bigger context for what’s happening.

We see too many stories about police involvement with veterans. Perhaps some of them could have been averted had proper care been available.

I would encourage residents who believe the destruction and violence occurring downtown is not what we want Waterville to be known for to contact their city councilors and ask them to look for solutions.

Whether it’s surveillance cameras, police patrols, bar inspectors, bar hours, a combination of all or something completely different, it will happen if the council decides it should.

And, don’t forget the school board members. I’ve heard from a number of people who are concerned that Waterville’s graduation rate is 69 percent. I’ve encouraged them all to contact their school board representatives to ask how they can help increase the chances that kids will graduate.

It’s not just the school’s responsibility to make sure that happens, it’s one shared by all of us. The kids in school today are the ones who will be take care of us and lead the country in just a few short years. It’s in our collective benefit to make sure we’ve done all we can to make sure they get the education they will need to succeed.

People can call the City Clerk’s office to find out the names of their representatives and councilors. People are looking for change but it’s our responsibility to help bring about the change we want to see.

Mayor Karen Heck


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