My husband and I went to a benefit supper for Kerry Hebert on Dec. 8. He was shot during an incident with hunters back on Oct. 31. He was on his way up the narrow road that leads to his house in Starks. He was unarmed.

We went to the supper with a group of friends, and saw a lot of people we knew there, and many more who were neighbors and friends of the Heberts. The dinner was well-attended, and I hope they raised a lot of money to help the family.

People there were completely baffled and upset by the fact that no names have been given, nor arrests made. No one seems to know what is even being pursued to bring this case to justice. Rumors and theories are rampant.

To the public, myself included, it feels like the shooter(s) are being given a pass for shooting an unarmed man. This does not instill confidence in our legal system. It is scary.

It’s time for the people in charge of this case to at least make a statement about where their investigation is at this point. Facts need to take the place of speculation.

Abby Norling


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