We all know the US economy remains in trouble and that makes us look like much of the rest of the world, whether they trade in currency or food. So, what’s the common thread? What is the one thing we all have in common?

I suggest that the truth can be found in the numbers for income distribution in the last 15 years.

What we see here and worldwide is tremendous income growth of the rich while the great majority of working people have been forced to stand still.

What if a big meal were spread out for 100 people? Ten years ago, two people took away 75 percent of the food. Last year, two people took away 85 percent of the food.

We can defend greed all we want, but that’s the destructiveness laying the world’s economies to waste, increasing the rates of poverty and sowing the seeds of hopelessness or revolution. This goes way beyond “self interest.” This is gluttony.

It is past time to define and punish greed for the crime it is; for the harm it does to lives and souls.

Even at the table we sit at, we know when to say, “Stop! You’re taking too much.”

Stephen Aucoin, Waterville

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