The article, “Piece of Arizona to be unveiled today,” printed in the newspaper on Dec. 7 told readers they could find the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredricksburg, Md., if they want to visit it. The problem is … there is no Fredricksburg in Maryland. There is a famous battleground by the town with that name in Virginia, but the museum is not there either.

The museum in question is in the birthplace of Pacific War Adm. Chester “Chesty” Nimitz, Fredricksburg, nearly in the middle of Texas.

While I’m at it, in the same article, it said “several welded rivets” were in the piece of steel in question. Welded and riveted? Pre- WW-II steel ships were customarily riveted together. After World War II, ships were mostly welded together. Not both. The photo showed rivets.

I also found it interesting that even though not mentioned, there must have been a batch of deaf people at the dedication since they “commemorated the attack by signing the National Anthem.”


Harvey Versteeg


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