I was torn between writing about legislative concerns or the downside of the Christmas season.

After hearing about the gift tree being stolen in Limerick, however, I felt it more important to note that the Christmas season brings out the lowest form of creature.

Really? To steal a tree filled with names of people in need? There is no lower form of creature on earth than this. How does one get to that point of being so completely unfeeling?

Add to this, the people robbing houses of Christmas gifts or trying to scam organizations that give gifts to needy families.

These people are the lowest of low.

In a way, I feel sad that they have no more meaning to their lives. But more so I am angry that they would do this to someone. Unbelievable! One only hopes that karma pays them back.

Thanks to the many people who are on the other side of this pendulum. Those who every year give to those in need. The world needs more of them.

Mike Swanholm


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