The final paragraph in Kathleen Parker’s column of Dec. 7 reads, “Thoughtful Republicans might consider the image of white men ganging up on a highly qualified black woman,” in reference to the criticism of Susan Rice to become the next secretary of State.

Is Parker making an attempt to stifle the voices of these “white men” based on the color of their skin? Of course she is.

Since the election of President Barack Obama, we have been told that it’s racist to criticize the actions of a person who happens to have brown skin.

The fear of such a label on “white men” and women has caused voices to be silent in reference to those of us from African descent.

This has caused a problem with accountability. The president and Rice simply lied to us all about the terrorist attack on our embassy, and now they are not being held accountable because of their skin color.

This predicament is bad for all Americans. The president has wasted an opportunity to erase color barriers. Instead of reducing color barriers, he has confirmed them and given them water and sunshine.

I don’t want to have to keep my views secret because of my skin color or anybody else’s; then I really would deserve the title of racist.

Stewart Roberts


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