I am as horrified as the next person about the killing of the school children and teachers in Connecticut, but I am also concerned about the talk I hear of outlawing guns.

If a psychopath with any weapon breaks into my house and threatens me or my children, I want the right to defend myself and family, with a gun if necessary.

Does anyone think that criminals are going to willingly give up their guns?

I don’t want the only armed people in this country to be either criminals or the government.

Perhaps armed police officers or armed principals should be placed in schools so innocent children could be defended properly against murderous psychopaths.

Let’s remember that a gun doesn’t pull its own trigger.

All of these killers of schoolchildren have been on psychotrophic medications, which have known side effects of violence or suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

Just read the inserts on these medications or listen carefully to the drug commercials on TV. If we are going to outlaw something, it should be all medications with known side effects of violence.

Ultimately, gun control should not mean that ordinary citizens should have their guns taken away, leaving innocent people with less opportunity to defend themselves against criminals.

Joanne Chancey


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