In the Dec. 9 newspaper, I saw an ad for a legislative technician.

The ad stated the benefits package included the state’s share of the employee’s retirement — 11.54 percent.

Why are we taxpayers paying $11.54 for every $100 earned to the retirement account of any employee?

I know the state doesn’t pay that amount for the majority of its employees.

How many state employees are receiving this special treatment?

Are our elected officials included in this windfall?

All state employees should be treated the same and have the same benefits, including but not limited to vacation time, health insurance, life insurance and retirement.

This should include anyone on the state payroll whether they were elected, appointed or hired.

No class of state employees should be treated special.

I am willing to bet this special treatment is costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Last year, our legislators touted how they fixed the retirement system. They did this by not giving a cost of living increase for years to retirees living on fixed income.

If we taxpayers are paying millions a year to a special class of employees, the Legislature has a lot of work to do and a lot of questions to answer. If the Appropriations Committee is looking for ways to save money, why not start here?

David Crockett


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