“If more murder victims had guns, maybe they wouldn’t be killed.”

This was the headline above M.D. Harmon’s column on Dec. 8. I have never read such illogical nonsense in my life.

Harmon’s rant was aimed at Bob Costa’s comment on Sunday Night Football that if Jovan Belcher (Kansas City and University of Maine linebacker) hadn’t had a gun, both he and Kasandra Perkins would still be alive today.

Harmon’s convoluted reasoning concluded that Belcher could have used a kitchen knife or his bare hands to achieve the same result. Therefore, don’t blame the gun.

I am not blaming the gun, but who can deny that having it readily available makes it much easier to use. And that is exactly what Harmon concludes near the end of his article when he says: “What will stop a shooter is another person willing and able to shoot back.”

And, “So, to correct Costas’ mistake, if Kasandra Perkins had a gun, that is what could have helped her be alive today.”

Just try to visualize that. Kasandra would have had to ask Jovan to hold off for a moment so she could pull her loaded pistol out of her pants pocket, and then they could talk about it!

I never have been a fan Harmon’s, but now I have lost all respect for him.

It’s unlikely that Harmon would suggest that had the teachers and kids been armed the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., would have been averted, so let’s hear from him with his solution.

Frank Ridley


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