This is a response to Mark Pantermoller’s Dec. 12 letter about help and welfare.

Applying for a job and obtaining that job is not getting help. It is the ambition and willingness of a person to apply himself to the workforce and becoming an asset to his employer.

Once hired, they are classified as the help and not being helped. Remember, the sign says “Help Wanted.”

In return, the worker becomes an asset to his new employer and his performance helps his company become profitable. In most cases, he will be offered a benefit package.

Any employee worth his salt will purchase a medical insurance policy to provide his family with security and protection. This is not classified as welfare or help. This is helping oneself and faring well.

Welfare is a temporary safety net to assist those who are in need. When it becomes a way of life and the only means of support for one’s family, we are no longer helping to remedy the root cause of poverty in America.

Pantermoller claims it’s a character flaw when people belittle others based on money. Let’s put this comment in its proper perspective. During the political campaigns, the rich were condemned by the public for having too much money. I did not hear any condemnation about the poor having too little. Would those comments be considered a flaw of character?

Finally, why would he encourage a person to quit his job and give up his benefits because he is disgusted with the welfare system?

We are all entitled to our opinions, right or wrong. It’s called freedom of speech.


Jerry Sylvester


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