AUGUSTA — Kennebec County jail officials have used fingerprint records from a national database to determine the identities of two people in custody who allegedly gave fake names.Scott Murray, 28, of Gardiner, who was arrested Saturday afternoon in Chelsea during a traffic stop, was charged with possession of scheduled drugs.

Murray told police his name was Gary Collins, of Bangor, but he was identified correctly several days later, according to Lt. Ryan Reardon, assistant jail administrator.

Reardon said the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office will charge Murray with several counts of aggravated forgery, failure to provide correct name and date of birth and operating after suspension.

A teenager arrested in Augusta in a separate incident Friday also has been identified correctly. The teen, originally identified as James Davis, 19, of Harlem, N.Y., is actually 16-year-old Stephon James Davis Jr., according to Reardon.

Davis was charged with aggravated trafficking in heroin in a school zone and unlawful trafficking in heroin. He had been kept separate from other inmates at the jail because there was a concern he was younger than he claimed, Reardon said.

Davis was arrested as part of a multi-agency drug investigation that also resulted in four other arrests in Augusta and Belgrade.

Reardon said he expects Davis to be charged under his real name with aggravated forgery, failure to give correct name and date of birth and being a fugitive from justice from New York.

Reardon said according to a juvenile warrant, Davis fled a low-security jail in New York.

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