After reading your series about “Deadly Force,” I want to ask a question: Is the blade of a knife any less sharp when wielded by mentally ill person? Is the bullet fired by an impaired person any less deadly?

It is not the job of the police officer to determine why an act of violence is being committed. Their job is to stop the violence and protect the public and themselves.

There are many more cases of violence against the innocent (the most recent being the slaughter in Newton, Conn.) than there are cases of the mentally ill or impaired being killed while committing an act of violence. And many more cases where deadly force was warranted and not used than cases where it was used.

The fact that no officer has been found negligent in the course of using deadly force is because it was absolutely the only choice available at that moment in time.

Let’s stop condemning the police officers and start giving them the praise they deserve. Every time they put on that uniform and step out their front door, they are putting their lives on the line for us. I am proud of the job they do.

Sandra L. Mills


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