Following the incident at the Newtown elementary school many people are up in arms and clamoring about what to do.

Some people suggest making the schools into little prisons for the children. Unfortunately, some assailant will have the same mental issue and will target children somewhere else. Short-term thinking. Long-term problem.

Others suggest gun bans. That is not the answer either because we really cannot ban every weapon until we ban hands and feet.

Unfortunately, if our first reaction to every problem is short term and allows more freedom to be lost, we may one day even lose the right to use our hands, feet and voice. Beware of big brother’s agenda.

Love is our friend. I do not believe that anybody is born a killer. Therefore I am confident to say that although we have free will, our actions stem from our perception and the actions of others around us and their perceptions.

So in a culture where every mass shooting is made even more traumatic by constant media attention, a vengeful mind sees such an incident as a way to make his mark.

It is also the reflection of the loss of recognition between right and wrong. We accept wrong by supporting entities that promote violence, such as certain movies and books. By supporting the media that wish us to dwell in negativity, weakening our resolve so that we beg the government for help. A new law need not be passed.

Love may be implemented. Love by shunning or boycotting those who seek to blur the line between right and wrong. Those who glorify killing and hate. Turn evil away until it is has no voice. We need to be better people in every way, not just superficially.

Tobey McAfee


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