There have been many instances in history where women and children have been used to advance an agenda.

Adolf Hitler killing Jews, many of them women and children, during World War II, Viet Cong putting babies in carriages that doubled as booby traps to kill American soldiers and Islamist terrorists using airplanes to kill thousands on 9/11.

In World War II, the Japanese were afraid to attack the mainland United States because so many people owned guns.

If I wanted to bring down a nation, first I would attack its moral character, then its economy. Finally, I would disarm its people. In a nation where we value our people, especially our women and children, what better way to get people to disarm themselves than to start killing women and children, especially children?

This is a despicable act, but there are many despicable people and nations out there, as history has proven. We, as a nation, really have to think this through.

Many people out there, even in our own nation, want to take our freedoms away, and will do whatever it takes to achieve their agenda.

Freedom to pray, as we wish, has been attacked, with some success. Freedom to speak, as we wish, has been attacked, with some success.

Now, the freedom to protect ourselves is being attacked, and the people who are doing this are succeeding. What is next? We all better start thinking about what is going on, before we lose this wonderful nation of ours to the people who just want to control us, or, are just jealous of what we have.

It is coming and, it will happen if we do not put a stop to it here and now.

Gary Kitchen


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