I am sick and tired of hearing politicians talk about Social Security as an entitlement and how one party wants to cut it. Many people die before they ever receive Social Security, after having paid in for years.

The hard-working crew of a right-of-way clearing company reminded me of this as they did an excellent job in our area recently.

I worked for this company in the summer of 1968. Everyone on that crew is dead but me. Only one of them lived long enough to receive Social Security, and he died shortly after.

On major power lines, we sprayed a toxin at the base of bushes and trees from hand pumps we carried on our backs all day. This toxin gave vegetation instant cancer as it caused cells to multiply out of control. Hours later the leaves turned brown, as if pickled.

This is the type of Social Security some politicians would like to administer, that is, if we live long enough.

Matt Calder


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