I just read another opinion of the predictable, liberal columnist Bill Nemitz.

If everyone was a true liberal, a lot more than 47 percent would be waiting for their checks in the mail. There would be fewer rich because they would be taxed out of business.

There would be fewer doctors. Why should they spend all that money for an education when they can’t afford to pay it back with high taxes and Obamacare? There would be no guns; they kill people.

In the same paper that I read Nemitz’s opinion about NRA, a headline reported 22 children and one adult injured by someone with a knife at a primary school in Beijing, China. And what about the angry man who drove his car into a crowded bus stop? If someone has malice on their mind they will find the means to do so.

Nemitz attacks politicians who are proven successful when handling money, budgets and businesses, Paul LePage and Mitt Romney, for example. And he supports politicians who have little or no pre-political money experience who promote expensive spending policies we have little or no money for.

LePage is attacked for his “shoot from the hip” and sometimes crude responses. A true career politician would give a polite, cloudy, lengthy response to a simple yes or no question, until we couldn’t remember the question. LePage put Maine in the top 10 states in recovery. Actions speak louder than words.

Along with professional background checks, there should be personal background checks. People questioned Romney about being a Mormon. Google Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the minister who married Michelle and Barack Obama. It is interesting to learn what Obama absorbed every Sunday morning, a definite eye opener.

We read Nemitz’s opinion every week; now he can read one of ours.

Hal Bigelow


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